Điều khoản Sử dụng Trang Thông tin Điện tử Chính thức

Điều khoản Sử dụng Trang Thông tin Điện tử Chính thức

Kyodo Sojitz Feed Company Limited (the “Company”) manages social media (SNS) based on the following principles and policies:

  1. Respect for the law: Comply with the laws and regulations of Vietnam, respect legal rights and benefits of organizations, individuals.
  2. Morality: Behaviors and responses on social media must conform to moral values, culture, and traditions of Vietnamese people.
  3. Information privacy and security: Comply with regulations and guidelines on information privacy and security.
  4. Responsibility:

Responsible for actions and conduct on social networks; Coordinate with authorities to handle acts and information content that violate the law. Before using the Company’s social media, please carefully read the terms of use set forth below. Please do not use the Company’s social media if you do not agree to the terms of use. In case you use the Company’s social media, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the following terms and conditions of use:

i) Basic Company policy regarding the use of social media
The company will conduct promotions, communication activities, announcements and public relations activities, etc. on various social media with the aim of building better relationships with customers and those participating in social media.
The Company will use social media after fully recognizing and being aware of the influence that disseminating information via social media has.

ii) Disclaimer (for customers and social media users)
Please be aware that the information delivered by the Company via its official accounts does not necessarily constitute the Company’s official announcement or view.
Please refer to the Company’s Website and news reports, etc. for official announcements and positions of the Company.
The Company’s website: https://ksf.com.vn/en/

The Company pays full attention to the accuracy of the information disclosed through its official accounts, but makes no warranty as to its accuracy. Please be aware that the Company may make corrections to the content of such information at a later date. Further, the Company can accept no responsibility or liability for any trouble or damage arising from a user’s use or the unavailability of an official account of the Company, such as the use of the content disseminated by the Company via its official account or a website linked therefrom.
Users should “reply to,” “retweet” or otherwise “post comments on” the Company’s official accounts at their own responsibility. The Company assumes no responsibility for any trouble or dispute among users or between a user and a third party that may arise in connection with postings on the Company’s official accounts by users or otherwise in relation to its official accounts.
The official accounts of the Company may be suspended or terminated, or the details/forms of the service are subject to change without prior notice. In addition, the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice.

iii) Notes
Users should note the following points when using the Company’s official accounts. The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage suffered by a user as a result of a violation of the precautions set forth below:
– Responsible for saving data/text, etc. that you have created;

– Keep confidential, do not disclose your password to third parties; and

– Does not violate copyright, individual rights to images or privacy rights, etc. of other users, third parties or the Company.

iv) Delete user’s post
The Company values interaction with users and will not arbitrarily delete their posts. However, the Company may delete posted information or content, etc., block access to the Company’s official accounts, and take other necessary measures without prior notice to users. Use if the user has any postings that exhibit the following properties.
When using the Company’s official accounts, users must not post any of the content listed below. The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage suffered by a user as a result of its doing so and the user’s posting of any of the following content as well:
– Content intended to cause or incite crime;

– Content that violates the copyright, trademark or other rights of the Company or a third party;

– Content related to the privacy rights of third parties;

– Content that violates laws, regulations or public order and morality;

– Content that offends any specific individual, including the Company, corporation, country or community;

– Content that insults any product or service of the Company or a third party;

– Content that introduces or advertises the user’s own products, stores or companies or other commercial content;

– Inappropriate content, containing vulgar words, etc.;

– Content that causes or may cause disadvantage or loss to the Company or third parties; or

– Any other content that the Company considers inappropriate for the purposes of its official accounts.

v) Prohibited acts
Users are prohibited from engaging in any of the following acts when using the Company’s official accounts. In the event that a user has engaged in any of the prohibited matters listed below, the Company may take necessary measures, including, but not limited to, deleting postings/comments, blocking or deleting accounts or otherwise transmitting messages. In addition, if a user causes damage to the Company in violation of this Paragraph, the Company may seek damages from such user:
– Impersonate any third party, including the Company;

– Political activities, political advocacy or religious activities;

– Posting or transmitting a harmful computer program, etc.;

– Copy, sell, publish or use information obtained through the Company’s official accounts beyond the scope of private use;

– Interfere with the operation of the Company’s official accounts or act in a manner that causes or may cause any disadvantage or loss to third parties, including the Company;

– Sending spam;

– Obstructing the use or access rights of other users;

– Attempts to gain unauthorized access to the Company’s network system through detected passwords, security breaches or other means;

– Post or otherwise transmit, in any form, content that the user is not authorized to publish by law or as a fiduciary or contractual party; or

– Other acts similar to the above from the Company’s point of view.

vi) Copyright, etc. for postings
The copyrights, etc. in and to a posting belong to the user who made such posting, but the user shall, by making such posting, be deemed to have granted to the Company a worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive right to use (including processing, making extracts of, reproducing, publishing and translating, etc.) such posted content, and to have agreed not to exercise any copyrights or an author’s moral rights, etc. against the Company.

vii) Scope of application of Website Terms of Use
The Company’s Website Terms of Use applies to intellectual property rights, disclaimers, personal information, and the governing law and jurisdiction to the extent not inconsistent with these Terms of Use.

viii) Inquiries
Please note that, in principle, the Company does not respond to any individual comments or questions made via “reply” or “comment” or the like on the Company’s official accounts. If you have any inquiries concerning the Company, please use the inquiry form on the Company’s website.
Inquiry form for comments or feedback